Mother to six children with a love of cake!

When Do The Chocolate Buttons Come Out?

You've lovingly prepared purees and healthy meals giving your baby the best quality food and ingredients.  Avoiding sugars and all the sweet treats, but when do you introduce chocolate to your baby/child? The official line is that no chocolate should... Continue Reading →


Buried In Clothes

One thing about having a large family is the amount of clothing that we have floating around. Not just waiting to be washed or put away but also clothes that children have grown out of. I find doing the washing... Continue Reading →

A Little Bit Lost

The children are all back at school and slowly we are getting back into a routine of the fun things again, packed lunches, school run and homework.  It's bitter sweet because it's nice to have a bit more structure to... Continue Reading →

Back To School Resolutions

The summer holidays are well and truly over and normal business is resumed. Every new school year I promise myself I'll be more organised and be a better mum so this year I decided to make some resolutions. Like resolutions... Continue Reading →

It’s Ok To Have A “Meh” Day

We've all had one of these days haven't we? It's a lovely sunny day outside and your life is skipping along quite nicely, no dramas, you've nothing major to complain about yet you feel like you got caught in the... Continue Reading →

My Lucky #6

This little fella amazes me, I know every mother thinks and says the same of their baby but seriously, he does!  He is the baby I never thought I'd have after a devestating ectopic pregnancy, and who I  look at... Continue Reading →

Holiday Packing for 8

We're heading off on our holiday this week and I have to be honest, I haven't actually started packing yet.  Since the start of the summer holidays I've been saying the same thing "I'll start tomorrow" but it just hasn't... Continue Reading →

Marshmallow Play dough

I can't tell you how excited I was to find this recipe for marshmallow play dough - yes that's right a play dough that is made from marshmallows, and that you can eat! As a parent I have spent many... Continue Reading →

The Joy of A Teenager

Teenager - A child aged between 13-19 (basically a number ending in "teen")  that's the definition, but what it doesn't say is how joyful a teenager can be to be around.  We're warned about the terrible 2's, it's almost as... Continue Reading →

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