I can’t tell you how many times over the last 14 years I’ve rocked my babies in their buggy to get them to settle or had to go for a walk to get an inconsolable baby to sleep.  When I’m out and stop for the essential cup of tea and cake, I’ll be sitting at the table one hand on the buggy pushing it back and fourth to get Milo to sleep and the other hand clinging on to my tea.  The wheels on the buggy usually turn and get stuck under a table or chair or I crash into some passer by.  It’s not ideal but a necessary act when you’re a parent.

Well not any more, please let me introduce you to the Rockit Rocker.  It is a complete game changer, there will be no more swaying side to side with the baby or calling “just a minute” to your other children when you’re at the park, whilst you push the buggy back and fourth.



I was lucky enough to be invited to The Baby Show at Olympia in London a couple of weeks ago to the launch of the Rockit Rocker.  It’s a rocket shaped device that you attach to your buggy which gentle rocks it side-to-side, creating the same motion as being on a train, settling your baby.  Allowing you time to have a cuppa, to push your child on the swing, or just time to sit quietly – It is your extra pair of hands!

This was invented by a parent, Dr Nick Webb (PhD in Sound and Vibration Engineering) when he noticed his three-month-old daughter Abby would wake as soon as the motion of the buggy stopped. He developed the Rockit to generate the same side-to-side motion so the baby believes the buggy is still rolling along -GENIUS!!! The Rockit has been tested to the highest EU safety standards for ages 0-36 months and upwards.  It is such a simple concept but with huge implications for parents.  It retails at £39.99.

The Rockit Rocker comes with a universal bracket which is really easy to fix to the buggy handle and will fit to almost any buggy.  I have to admit I have a bit of a buggy obsession and I have four different ones at the moment.  The universal bracket fits on to all of them (Bugaboo, Phil and Teds, icandy and Maclaren).


You need 4 x AA batteries in the Rockit and this will last for around 60 hours and it rocks on a 30 minute cycle.  The battery compartment is securely fitted inside and you will need a screwdriver to open it but is a really simple job and there’s no worry of it accidently opening.  The top of the Rockit is the on/off button and you can adjust the rock speed using a dial at the bottom, although this doesn’t make it rock quicker just with a little bit more rock!



Every day I am out and about with the buggy, on school run, taking the dog for a walk, doing errands or a little bit of retail therapy!  Sometimes Milo will fall asleep and other times he is curious so will try and stay awake.  The first time I used the Rockit Rocker we had taken the dog for a walk and Milo hadn’t fallen asleep (although he was tired) so when we got home I put the Rockit Rocker on the buggy and left him in the hall.  He was asleep within minutes!



I used the Rockit Rocker when I was out for lunch.  I put Milo in the buggy, switched the Rockit Rocker on and daa daa! again he was asleep, without me having to push the buggy back and fourth.  I was able to sit and finish my lunch whilst he drifted off to sleep – I know!!!

It’s been like having an extra pair of hands especially when we go to the park.  It’s difficult rocking a baby in a buggy and pushing children on the swings.  With the Rockit Rocker on I was able to leave Milo in his buggy and play with the others.  It’s also really helpful when I’m out with all the children as means that Milo is content being rocked so I can attend to the others.

I’m really impressed with the Rockit Rocker and how much of a difference it has made to my day-to-day life.  It’s small enough to fit under the buggy or in my bag when I’m not using it.  Once you’ve tried it, I promise you’ll never be without it!



Disclaimer – This is a personal blog, all opinions and views are my own.   I was given the Rockit Rocker for the purpose of this review.